About Crazy Vibez Radio

About Crazy Vibez Radio

Crazy Vibez Radio is an Urban Caribbean radio station that caters to the English speaking Caribbean countries that are a part of the diaspora of  the West Indies by showcasing their music, art, lifestyles and culture on a global scale.

We provide news, sports, and entertainment reports daily that reflect the lifestyle of English speaking Caribbean communities connecting to a wider market in the sense of their lifestyles away from home. We also engage people who are not apart of  that region by educating them about this particular culture.

We provide an eclectic mix of music such as Gospel, Calypso, Soca, R&B and Reggae music daily. The Station’s morning show, highlights information that is inspirational, informational, motivational, educational and thought provoking ideas. We feature the news, topic of the day, trivia of the day, thought of the day, color of the day, word of the day and scripture. We also have various professional speakers who address the social matters that affect our communities.

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Crazy Vibez Radio Hartford, Connecticut reaches a diverse group of people from all over the world. So call our advertising department now at 860-578-8056 for an effective advertising campaign. 


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