Rihanna Throwing Shade At Drake!!!

Is Drake a male groupie?

Rihanna seems to think so! She cannot get over the fact that her ex Drake is now dating her former friend Jennifer Lopez.

Fans on social media think that she is shading the Toronto's rap king a “male groupie.” Now this wouldn’t be the first time Drizzy is being accused of being a groupie, fans have in the past criticized him for being an “athlete groupie.” There are lots of rumors and talk that Rihanna is upset, Drake started smashing JLo and even went as far as unfollowing her on Instagram.

This latest round of drama started when Rihanna’s best friend Melissa Forde posted a cryptic message after both Drizzy and JLo posted a photo of themselves cuddling up on a couch. “Your #MCM be knocking over girls in the VIP to stand next to rappers,” the message reads. Rihanna quickly commented on the post with “And athletes LMAO.” Do you think Rihanna's pettiness is justified or do you think she's being a jealous ex?

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