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The camera phone has really exposed some shit Published June 18, 2016

In some cases, people just wanna get some popularity online, but others are just mofos taking your photo without your knowledge and then you become famous while doin' some dumb shit. She must have forgotten that she put on the…

Where is Donald Trump's chin? Published May 7, 2016

The Donald must be gaining some weight in all the horrible places. His chin has completely disappeared in all that fat around his neck. Goes to show that with lots of money, you can be old and fat and still…

A plot twist. What he thought would happen but then it suddenly turned Published April 6, 2016

A man escaped from prison where he has been for 15 years. He broke into a house to look for money and guns and finds a young couple in bed. He orders the guy out of bed and ties him…

For your daily laugh yo' ass off relief: The chair pulling prank gone wild Published February 10, 2016

This dude has some balls. He is pulling chairs from under total strangers out in the wild public zone. He is even chased by some but he does his thing and is getting paid doing it.

A video with a twist at the end. Straight from the Bill Maher archives so you know it's political Published February 9, 2016

This video will certainly give you a chuckle at the end so be sure to watch it all

Get a good laugh today: watch this dude lose his mind on the slingshot ride after making his girl feel silly for being scared Published February 8, 2016

Before the ride began, the guy was all kindsa cool and trying to tell his scared girl (assuming she's his girl), that she should calm down and that she is overreacting. All that changed when the ride started. See him…

On da funny side Published January 26, 2016

When you know you got a man and he says you are fine The priest's reaction when the godfather confesses to multiple murders and more dark stuff When you go to work in uniform

The most ridiculous eyebrow styles Published January 3, 2016

If absolute ugly is your thing, these faces should be very attractive to you, otherwise you may just puke!

obama with his anger translator Published July 11, 2015

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