Are KARDASHIAN'S The New BREED Of Hollywood Royalty Or Are They WHORES? Published August 15, 2016

Rapper Game BRAGS In New Rap Song That He BANGS Three KARDASHIANS#Khloe#Kim, And EITHER Kourtney or Kylie!!! The Game " Rapper" is rumored to have dated Khloe Kardashian and rumored to have dated Kim. The Game has confirmed that he…

16 most viral memes you just have to see Published February 19, 2016

Some 'memes' are just too funny or ridiculous to keep to your self, and that's the reason these went viral.

Photo memes from the GOP political Twitter battles Published February 4, 2016

As the Republican presidential candidate selection nears, the verbal battles are increasing and the really nasty stuff is being churned by all candidates, and it is quite entertaining.

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