Would You Suck On A Woman Toes And Would You Kiss A Woman Feet?

Would You Suck On A Woman Toes And Would You Kiss A Woman Feet?

Would You Suck On A Woman Toes And Would You Kiss A Woman Feet?

Meek Mill Got Roasted On Twitter For Kissing

Nicki Minaj Feet!!!


It takes a confident man to KISS HIS WOMAN'S FEET!!!

Should the media and fans cut Meek Mill some slack for Kissing Nicki Minaj feet and give him some credit for showing his girl much love?

On the eve of Thanksgiving when everyone was busy doing last minute shopping and preparing the turkey, Meek Mill was in the mood for some foot action. On Wednesday, Nicki Minaj posted a photo of Meek kissing her feet and the internet went crazy immediately with most fans criticizing the Philly rapper for putting his mouth on the Trini rapper’s feet. Seems Meek was playing Xbox when Nicki decided that her feet want some attention and he oblige. 

Some of the reactions among fans in the comments on IG and on Twitter were hilarious while some fans defended his action saying that he is just showing her some love.

“Meek Milly be kissing feet ? If I kiss/lick a girl feet. Ain no. Breaking up bihh. I’m in it to win it dammit,” one fan tweeted.

“Y’all eat McDonald’s but Meek Mill kan’t kiss her girls feet smh. Y’all wild,”

"Meek trippin. I'm not putting my mouth on no feet"

"Nicki & Meek relationship is so STANK. Imagine your boyfriend eating sunflower seeds then sucking on your toes", another fan wrote.

So what is the big deal, she has pretty feet, I could see if her feet were jacked up. 

Your comments and views are welcome.

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| November, 28th, 2016
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