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Tuesday, 10 May 2016 21:46

Celebrities who cut the fat

Obesity is generally created from childhood overeating habits, and though there may be peer teasing throughout high school, a fat child will always be comforted with food by the parents, and that just makes it worse.

If a fat kid makes stardom, many times it is because of that same fat, and primarily because they are ideal for a funny role. However, as they age, they realize that a fat body is not really desired among their celebrity peers, and then start the process of making a change. This list is shows some of the celebs who have acknowledged the social pressure and slimmed down.

al-rokerAl Roker figured the fat under his chin just was not fit for TV anymore and he needed to get past the position of anchor weather man

chazbonoActor Chaz Bono, son of Cher and Sonny Bono, fit into the roles that required a fat tough looking dude, but those roles are never forever so he cut the fat and now run around the stage like a kid with sugar energy.

chrisprattActor Chris Pratt buffed up to be among the power celebs and he looks great

christinaaguileraChristina Aguilera gained weight when she decided to live it up and let it go, but quickly realized that she had to lose the weight to keep up with the new young talent, so the fat fell off

drewcareyDrew Carey gained stardom becuase of his funny chubby appeal. Today he has aged and that funny fat is no longer generating chuckles, instead it stirs disgust. So he got busy and trimmed

horatiosanzComedian Horatio Sanz wore out his youthful funny fat and made the change to get gigs that suited the jock bod

jackosbourneJack Osbourne

jenniferhudsonJennifer Hudson live her childhood as multi burger eating queen, and after her victory on the voice, her agent made it clear that sexy sells so she had to get on the diet program to tour and get advertising pay checks

jerryferraraJerry Ferrara

jonhahillJonah Hill the teen Jew with the afro was perfect for all his teen roles as a fatty, but now that he has adult roles, he'd better look good or lose them. He chucked the fat and is a better man today.

jordinsparksJordin Sparks

joshpeckJosh Peck

khloekardashianKhloe Kardashian

kirstiealleyKirstie Alley

mariahcareyMariah Carey

mirandalambertMiranda Lambert

missyelliotMissy Elliot


pauladeanPaula Dean

perezhiltonPerez Hilton

peterjacksonPeter Jackson

randyjacksonRandy Jackson

ravensymoneRaven Symone

rickygervaisRicky Gervais

sethrogenSeth Rogen


starjonesStar Jones hated being fat but just could not control her fight with gluttony so she went under the knife to surgically remove the fat at tighten her stomach. Then she lied about it.

timbalandRapper Timbaland says he no longer want that 'biggie' styled body and got busy in the gym

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On Sunday April 3, Azealia Banks tweeted that Sarah Palin should be gang-raped by the 'biggest burliest blackest' men, and needless to say, Palin did not like it so she promise to file suit against Banks. The legal threat has not quieted Banks as she now Tweeted

'Everyone can tell you're spreading them cheeks for Mr. Trump'

It may be the wrong battle for Azealia though because Palin has the power of the rich far right white and the KKK and they may even own the rights to Banks music.



Banks have now sent a letter of apology to Palin after realizing the power she's is up against. However it's already too late as Palin is determined to make an example of her, so no other such rants ever come from anyone else.

Palin in a statement said she will take legal action against Banks

"on behalf of all reasonable women of every age, race and political leaning." "I've had enough of the unanswered threats and attacks against my family and me," "So, for the first time I'm going to enjoy the only retribution some protected 'celebrities' seem to understand – I'm suing Azealia Banks and can't wait to share my winnings with others who have gone defenseless against lies and dangerous attacks far too long."

Banks letter published at her Tumblr page

"Dear Sarah Palin,

I hope this message reaches you in good spirits and in good health. I want to start this letter off by telling you that I actually, really like you. While many other American people may see you as someone to be ridiculed, I truly believe that you possess a certain 'je ne sais quoi,' (a french term which is often interpreted to denote one's inexplicable charisma.) Given a bit of book-reading/media-training/patience, that charisma could become your magic carpet. There is something very charismatic and misunderstood about you. The misunderstood bit oftentimes reminds me of myself. You're very passionate about the things you believe in, super determined, and most certainly aware of who you are and where you stand in this world, as a parent, as a politician, but most importantly, as a woman.

Given the propensity of conservative right-wing media publications to veer into very fearful/erroneous/baseless/contradictory/prejudice analyses of us 'melanated,' peoples of the United States, It should come as no shock to you that a satirical article accusing you of saying, 'Even the French understand that Slavery wasn't our fault because the negroes liked it,' Would be provocative enough to ruffle a few feathers. Now since learning that the article was not published officially, I sincerely apologize for any emotional distress or reputational scarring i may have caused you.

In my honest defense, i was completely kidding. I happen to have a really crass, New-York-City sense of humor, and regularly make silly jokes in attempts make light of situations which make me uncomfortable. As the fabric of the American Nation is EMBEDDED with racism, I merely made a raCIALly driven joke to counter what i believed to be real, raCIST rhetoric. Also, i never said you should be raped. I used the term 'run a train,' which is slang for group sex, NOT for 'rape.' There are many distinctions between the two. As a woman, I would never trivialize something as lewd and criminal to provide myself any sort of comic relief because it simply… just isn't funny. (and no, urbandictionary.com is not a reputable source of information to seek clarity on the aforementioned dichotomy). However, i find great irony in the right-wing media's attempt to 'victimize,' you in this situation. Seeking empathy through sensationalism is something left-leaning liberals are frequently ridiculed for by the Right. But American Hypocrisy is nothing new. Considering the imminence of 2016's polarizing presidential election, I've taken it upon myself to do my own social research. I've recently had the opportunity to indulge in a few lengthy conversations with some very popular conservative figures. I've concluded: Amongst millennial conservatives, Censorship paired with the (questionable) social necessity for political correctness are atop the list of social grievances. It is as though this newest generation of conservative voters desire the right to express their true feelings, free of any filter and free of any consequence. I too harbor a similar sentiment regarding censorship and self-expression, as i am an artist. I cherish my ability to express myself freely, yet remain totally aware that for every action, there will be a reaction. All in All, Woman to Woman, I hope you will accept my sincerest apology.

Sincerely, – Miss Azealia A Banks."

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Marsha Gay Reynolds, 2008 Miss Jamaica contestant, has really put the screws on the family. The prosecutor argues that this was not her first drug smuggling, just the first time she has been caught. While that may be true, where has she spent the money earned from any previous drug shipping? Her parents have to foot the bail bond of $500k by giving up homes owned by Reynolds' mother and father who is a Pentecostal minister.

She has lived a privileged life compared to many Jamaicans who struggle to find food daily, yet she wanted total glamour. The man who arranged the prospect, may also be an intimate partner as the police also found Trojan Magnum condoms in her luggage, tried to flee to Jamaica but never made it. His name has not been released to date. She claims she did not know the drugs were in the luggage, a claim supported by her father, but that will be difficult to defend since she made a phone at the moment she was selected for screening at LAX, then suddenly kicked of her shoes and ran. Amazingly, she returned to same airport later the same night to get on the last flight to New York

Marsha faces 10 years in prison if convicted. Do you think she's guilty?


Marsha Gay Reynolds Complaint by tom cleary


When news broke that N.W.A. would be inducted into the next class at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the whole hip-hop world was elated. “This means that the group’s mark is solidified,” Ice Cube said during a new interview with Rolling Stone. “We got some of the most creative, talented people in N.W.A that’s ever been compiled in one group. It’s just exciting that the group as a whole gets recognized by the whole industry as Hall of Fame-worthy.”

“I have always done what I love to do, so to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is unreal. I am humbled to be included in such an amazing group of great artists,” Dr. Dre added in the same interview.

To see Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, MC Ren, Arabian Prince and DJ Yella all get their due alongside some of the most legendary bands and solo artists of all time is a massive achievement–a triumph for the culture. However, one question has us hung up.

It’s customary for a tribute performance to accompany a group’s induction, and while often times another band, solo artist, or supergroup will perform while the inductees look on, in other instances the guests of honor themselves will take to the stage to show, once more, why they deserve to be considered one of the greats. Should N.W.A. take the stage to perform one of their classic early West Coast cuts, who might possibly fill in for their departed member, Eazy-E? Who could possibly fill the shoes of that legendary MC and stand on stage, holding their own beside the likes of Ice Cube, Dre and company?

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Sports anchor for ESPN, Stuart Scott died from cancer disease in January 2015 and his daughters joined the fight to cure cancer (what a long shot). They have posted this video triggering water-shedding around the globe.


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Tuesday, 05 January 2016 07:56

amber rose's secret dating exposed

amber rose instagram breasts cover

Amber Rose has been romantically linked to a number of men over the past year, but a new rumor has her linked to one of the biggest men in hop-hop today – Drake.

The rumor all began this weekend when Rose posted an Instagram video of Drake performing “Back to Back” at E11even Miami for New Year’s Eve.

According to People, a source says that “She was sitting at Drake’s table with 2Chainz, Lil’ Wayne and Birdman. Amber and Drake were friendly but there was no public display of affection.”


On Saturday, Rose then posted an up close and personal video of Drake dancing in front of her, with one of her “MUVA” hats on, to Fetty Wap’s “Come My Way.”

However, the story doesn’t end there. A source also told People that Rose attended a private dinner on Friday with Drake in the wine room of restaurant Prime 112.

“It was very intimate and just the two of them,” the source said.

For now, it’s unclear whether Rose and Drake are dating or if they are just friends. But whatever they are right now has the internet talking.

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Justin Bieber is taking the mantra "new year, new me" to the max! Today he debuted fresh cornrows on Instagram, crediting "friend" and model Hailey Baldwin in his caption, "Hailey made me get corn rows like an absolute douche bag, these will be off tomorrow trust me Danny." Even Hailey looks a little skeptical in the photo, if we're being honest.

Bieber topped the ranking of the Most Stylish Celebrities for the past year 2015 at Complex.com, but this look is a bit different than what they had in mind and what the fans have grown to appreciate about his recent style renaissance. Thankfully, though, it looks like it's also going to be a little less permanent.

It should be noted that Justin also involved himself in a similar Instagram debate about the hairstyle over the summer, jumping in to defend his friend Kylie Jenner when her take on the style was met with criticism.

If Justin does get rid of his cornrows tomorrow, at least we'll have an "after" photo to look forward to.


Hailey made me get corn rows like an absolute douche bag, these will be off tomorrow trust me Danny

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

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rihanna suing

Barbados’ pop princess Rihanna is one of several artists, including Jay Z, Beyonce, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, who have jointly sued a Paris clothing retailer they say has been “brazenly” selling shirts, hats, backpacks, cell phone cases, and other items featuring their likenesses without permission.


The complaint, filed last week in federal court in New York, said ElevenParis has ignored the singers’ warnings to stop the sales, including in a store in Manhattan’s Soho district and on its website.

The artists accused ElevenParis and its affiliates of being “habitual, wilful intellectual property infringers that, without authorization, usurp the trademarks, copyrights and other rights of A-list celebrities.”

The challenged products include clothing bearing the singers’ faces, phrases such as “Kanye is my Homie” and “Pharrell is my Brotha,” and Rihanna and Beyonce song lyrics.

According to the complaint, ElevenParis’ actions “have caused and are causing immediate irreparable harm” to the plaintiffs, who seek to recoup profits and triple damages over the allegations of trademark infringement and violations of their rights of publicity.

Each of the artists also has their own clothing lines or collaborations with apparel manufacturers, the complaint said, generating “hundreds of millions of dollars” in sales.

This is not the first time that Rihanna has fought a legal battle over the unauthorised use of her likeness.

In January, the “Diamonds” girl emerged on top after a two-year dispute with British high street fashion chain Topshop, which used the singer’s image on a line of T-shirts without her permission.

The Grammy Award-winner sued Topshop’s parent company Arcadia for £3.3million (about US$5million) over the garments, which featured an unauthorised photograph taken during the filming of a video for her hit song “We Found Love” in 2011.

Back in 2013, the 26-year-old superstar’s legal team successfully argued that her fans would have incorrectly assumed that she had endorsed the line of sleeveless T-shirts sold by Topshop.

The courts consequently banned the chain from selling Rihanna tank T-shirts without her permission, but Topshop moved to overturn the ruling.

The case was finally put to rest when the Court of Appeal upheld the ban, agreeing that marketing the clothing without the Barbadian singer’s approval amounted to “passing off,” a term used to enforce unregistered trademark rights.

The star, who is perceived to be a fashion icon by many of her fans, had, moreover, signed a major deal to design a range with High Street fashion rival River Island in 2012.

In the appeal, Topshop lawyer Geoffrey Hobbs QC argued that there was a tradition of merchandising star images, including those of Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix and Prince.

Rihanna’s legal team countered that the image was from an unauthorised photograph and Topshop should be banned from exploiting it.

This view was endorsed by the final judgement, in which Lord Justice David Kitchin noted: “In the present case I am entirely satisfied that the judge did have a proper regard to the distinction between endorsement and general character merchandising.

“The judge considered the use of this image would, in all the circumstances of the case, indicate that the T-shirt had been authorised and approved by Rihanna; many of her fans regard her endorsement as important for she is their style icon, and would buy the T-shirt thinking she had approved and authorised it.

“In short the judge found that the sale of the T-shirt bearing this image amounted to a representation that Rihanna had endorsed it. In my judgement the reasoning of the judge discloses no error of principle.”

He added that although Rihanna knew she had no right in English law to prevent any use of her image, this did not rule out the judge finding Topshop had been guilty of “misrepresentation.”

“The vice in the impugned activities lay not in the use of Rihanna’s image but in using it in such a way as to cause misrepresentation,” he said.

The judge was right to find Topshop was “recognizing and seeking to take advantage” of Rihanna’s public perception as a style icon, he added.

Legal experts commented that the ruling should serve as a warning to businesses who use celebrities’ images without permission.

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img 20151220 123422

Within a few days of her surrendering to Christ, the once raunchy deejay Lady Saw hit the infamous ‘Back Road’ in Portmore St Catherine, a strip known for open prostitution and cheap motels, to deliver a message from God to a particular lady of the night.

The popular entertainer, who’s been a talking point since getting baptised last Monday, has said, that God has already started to use her.


While gospel artiste Stitchie is rejoicing that Lady Saw is now a “new servant of the Lord”, the DJ is expecting more secular artistes to trade dancehall for the cross.

Speaking with The STAR Stitchie named two big dancehall acts that he expects to give their lives to God in the near future.

“Mr. Vegas is next. His heart is in that place you know so mi nah stop pray. And then Bounty Killer.” Stitchie declared.

Stitchie, 50, also revealed that he, like Lady Saw, got baptized on December 14.

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Brittany Lewis sits down with Evan Ross to discuss his new single "How To Live Alone," marriage to Ashlee Simpson, his mother Diana Ross, mentorship from Dallas Austin, and shares the best Michael Jackson story of all time.

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