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Marsha Gay Reynolds, 2008 Miss Jamaica contestant, has really put the screws on the family. The prosecutor argues that this was not her first drug smuggling, just the first time she has been caught. While that may be true, where has she spent the money earned from any previous drug shipping? Her parents have to foot the bail bond of $500k by giving up homes owned by Reynolds' mother and father who is a Pentecostal minister.

She has lived a privileged life compared to many Jamaicans who struggle to find food daily, yet she wanted total glamour. The man who arranged the prospect, may also be an intimate partner as the police also found Trojan Magnum condoms in her luggage, tried to flee to Jamaica but never made it. His name has not been released to date. She claims she did not know the drugs were in the luggage, a claim supported by her father, but that will be difficult to defend since she made a phone at the moment she was selected for screening at LAX, then suddenly kicked of her shoes and ran. Amazingly, she returned to same airport later the same night to get on the last flight to New York

Marsha faces 10 years in prison if convicted. Do you think she's guilty?


Marsha Gay Reynolds Complaint by tom cleary

This case is particularly disturbing, given the defendant’s former position as a coach, and his close contact with children. Robert 'Coach Bob' Phillips, 65yo, who coached an American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) girls team in Long Beach, California, has been indicted on federal charges of possessing and distributing child pornography. He apparently has been sharing his desires online in forums relative to the mentally perverted culture of child sex.

While there is currently no evidence that he molested any of his players, investigators say they think there could be victims in the case who haven't yet been identified, or who were not aware that his touches were actually inappropriate. Just cannot trust these old men!

The task force of local law enforcement officers and FBI agents, began investigating Phillips when they received several tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children of an email address that traced to him was associated with sexually explicit images of minors. That itself is disturbing to the general public since any email account can be hacked and used to send such images, then you are blamed. In his case however, he is a fucking perv, just for discussing the fantasy!

If convicted of all charges, Phillips could face a maximum of 90 years in prison. Good riddance!

Denise Chiffon Berry was a caring mother who happened to encounter illiterate youth high on drugs and angst.

This almost movie thriller-like killing happened in April 2015 but certainly is a recurring action in many low income black communities across America, and needs to be addressed by civilians. We cannot allow dumbass sub-humans to hold us hostage. This particular incident is being used to highlight the need for aggressive action against ignorant thugs because of the bizarre circumstance of the killing.

Denise Berry was just at a stop light in her spiffy new Mercedes when a Caddy loaded with young heavily tattooed thug negros pulled alongside. That was nothing abnormal, she has seen those types since her childhood and just passed them by. What was different this time is, she pointed out to her 12 year old son how funny the thug's leg looked hanging out the window of the car, and Denise laughed. Maybe not to mock the thug, but to amuse her son. When she pulled off from the light, the thugs followed her. Once she realized they were in fact on the pursuit, she quickly pulled up beside a parked police patrol and told him about the chase. The cop told her to park in front of his car thinking the gang would just drive by. This is where it gets bizarre and movie like. The thugs totally ignored, or were so high on drugs that they didn't see the cop, pulled alongside Denise's car and shot her and her son. The cop quickly took action and killed the shooter.

3932399The literal layout of the vehicles when Denise was killed

In the empty drug induced minds of those thugs, they felt totally immortal and simply had no concern about who, not even a cop, would see their evil deed. They probably loaded up on drugs and decided to take their illegal guns for a ride, hoping to encounter a reason, their own justifiable reason that is, to shoot someone. The image below are the dumb sub-humans charged for the slaughter. The shooter looks old enough to be the parent of the accomplices. Maybe he had a suicide wish and the partners had no clue about it. His dumb looking ass is dead.

denise berry killers

What should be done about these sub-human barbarians in our society? They exist primarily because of illiteracy and absolute ignorance. It can be averted with education enforcement.

There must be a preemptive method of taking them out before they act, similar to the 2002 movie 'Minority Report', just with the threat of unbearable human misery. By taking them out, it would mean eternal penalty, almost medieval, for this low life type because they cannot be mentally or socially reformed. They would have to be confined to a life of slavery, chained and beaten daily. Driven to the point where suicide is a daily thought because they hate their existence. Forced to perform manual labor for someone's profit until they die naturally or killed by their own type or a guard.

This kind of scum should be easily isolated by the civil system. Their background will show they were born to parents who were just as illiterate, drug dependent, poor and criminally insane. Tracking their education history should show that they never attended school or dropped out in the first grade of high school. Any such male child refusing education should be castrated at age 12 and females reproductive organs removed, to guarantee they will not produce any similar animal like humans. If the child continues to resist education by age 13, they should be sent to a slave camp for eternity. The program would not be racial or gender directed, but target any youth who simply refuses education. Education MUST be enforced for a society to thrive.

These guys wer in Jail? They were accused of violent crimes spanning 2012 - 2015 and yet they were in some mediocre jail with the threat of life in prison. What else would they be dreaming about every night.

Last Friday night when role called was done at 9pm, guargds discovered the 3 men, Hossein Nayeri, Jonathan Tieu And Bac Duong, were missing. They are considered armed and dangerous (how cliche) and a Reward of $50,000 has been offered for information leading to their capture. The Santa Ana police have asked tha if you have information pertaining to their whereabouts, call their hotline at 714-628-7085.

Hossein Nayeri, 37, was arrested in September 2014 on charges of kidnapping for ransom, aggravated mayhem, torture and burglary. He cut of the man's penis while trying to get money from him. He was led to believe the man hid money in the Mojave Desert. He escaped to Iran prior to arrest but was captured in Prague and returned to California.

Jonathan Tieu, 20, has been in custody since his October 2013 arrest on charges of murder, shooting at an inhabited home, attempted murder and street terrorism. The case is gang-related.

Bac Doung, 43, was being held without bail on charges of attempted murder, burglary, firearms violations, and sentencing enhancements for attempted premeditated murder and inflicting great bodily harm, the Orange County Register reports. He was arrested December 4, 2015, and has pleaded not guilty (of course he's innocent).

oc escape 4The metal fence cut out

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img 6555

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