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The Donald has been beatin' up Mexicans and calling them murderers and rapists and they've just yelled at him in protest. Last week at his Las Vegas rally,  20 year old British man Michael Steven Sandford who is living in the country illegally after overstaying a visa, tried to snatch a police officer's gun and rush the stage to shoot Trump.

Of course since he is pure white, instead of being charged with terror, he has been declared as having Asperger syndrome, a form of autism, and was previously suicidal. He has also been treated for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and anorexia. So he is not a 'bad' person, like Mexicans and Blacks, and will get a 'fair' trial.

Saturday, 07 May 2016 21:39

Where is Donald Trump's chin?

The Donald must be gaining some weight in all the horrible places. His chin has completely disappeared in all that fat around his neck. Goes to show that with lots of money, you can be old and fat and still get a fine young girl who just wants your money.


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It seems Ted Cruz's campaign figured out the Trump tactic to garner love from the masses. He has made himself a celebrity via the social networks by releasing a series od sensationalized videos that stir emotions and poke fun at haters. Like the one where he fried bacon on the tip of an AR-15 rifle, while busting a few caps. Then there was the one that really hit viralization when his mom farted during the solemn family holiday meeting.

The thing that gives Cruz a greater edge over the Donald, is he really is deep into the christian bullshit while Trump only knows the word 'bible'. Cruz is attractive to extreme right wing christians who want a puritan USA where they can again legally hunt witches, ban alchohol, ensalve black folks and Mexicans, walk around with guns like the old west and invade any country their god tells them to. They fear that Trump will make rational business decisions and will not attack China, Russia and anywhere else that an evil (non existing) god would point them to.

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Following the second place finish to Ted Cruz, the man Donald said had no chance and should quit, presidential candidate Donald Trump posted his itty rant as a tweet on Tuesday, "... not worth it" What! Many have responded, some encouraging him to keep going and of course the haters singing hallelujah.

The Trump knows how to play the media, simply by knowing when to praise or offend each star anchor

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