Jamaica Government to Tackle Crime!!!

Jamaica Government to Tackle Crime!!!

 Jamaica Government to Tackle Crime!!!

'But is all this talk just for photo ops or is the Jamaican Government just realizing the plight of crimes in Jamaica?'

Minister of industry, commerce, agriculture and fisheries, Karl Samuda, says the Jamaican government will take decisive action to tackle the issue of crime.

“We must amend our laws to put tougher penalties in place for persons convicted of violent crimes, and we must fix our justice system,” Samuda said in closing the 2016/17 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

The government will be seeking to amend the Bail Act this year, as well as several other pieces of legislation.

These include the Criminal Justice (Administration) Act, Jury Act, Evidence Act, Criminal Justice (Plea Negotiations and Agreement) Act, Firearms Act, and Offences Against the Person Act.

Samuda said the time has also come for proper rehabilitative programmes to be implemented in the nation’s prisons.

“We have to educate our prisoners and give them skills, so that when they are released they don’t have to go back to a life of crime to feed themselves and their children,” he added.

Samuda said that national security minister, Robert Montague, during his recent presentation in the debate, outlined a number of other steps that will be taken to curb crime, including social intervention programmes, greater use of technology and greater use of community policing.

“Let me be clear. If we are to be successful, we will need the support of every single Jamaican. We cannot do it alone. It is now time for less talk, and more action,” the minister said.

But is all this talk just for photo ops or is the Jamaican Government just realizing the plight of crimes in Jamaica?

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| July, 15th, 2016
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